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THEMA: Aircraft paint shop


4 Jahre5 Monate her


Our N30EG just came back from the paint shop.We decided to provide our bird a new dress for her 50th Birthday this year.


Based on a recommendation we tried the paint facility of Aeroclub Vysoke Myto in CZK (LKVM). We are very satisfied with the result, they know the weaknesses of our birds, so they expected already a reseal of our fuel tanks and reinforcement of the cowling. The gear was disassembled and sandblasted before repaint. Quality and price were very good. Feel free to contact me if you require further information.

David Kromka

4 Jahre 6 Monate her

Hey, looks really cool! Congratulations!

Could you send me your contacts at 'Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!' so I can get some more information on price, timeframe and the tank resealing.

Best regards, David


Gilles Khaiat

4 Jahre 4 Monate her

Hi David

You can consider LAMBERT in BELGIUM which is also FAA repair station


Good Day,

would You mind sending me Your contact details to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!? I would like to know more about timeframe, costs and the contact details of the paint shop.

With kind regards,

Dr. Klaus Lang

David Kromka

Hello Mr. Lang!

Some research on the web led me to the following site:

There you can find some information on the paint shop. Their eMail address is: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

If you make some experience with them would be great to let us know, too.

Good luck!

David Kromka, EMPOA President

Gilles Khaiat

Hey, looks really cool! Congratulations!

Could you send me your contacts at 'Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!' so I can get some more information on price, timeframe and the tank resealing.

Best regards, Gilles


David Kromka posted the contact details. Just speak to Jiri Flieger (his real name!) and tell him my best regards. They are a young but very ambitious small team.




Hi Gilles,

in two weeks my Mooney will go to Vysoké Mýto to get a new paint. I'll keep you here updated about my experience with them.

current contacts:

Ing. Josef Vopařil

Aroklub Vysoké Mýto

Jiří Fliger

Director of Maintenance

AKVM Aeroservis Vysoké Mýto



after two weeks.

old paint removed, nearly no corossion found, what are good news for me.

But one cracked R/H elevator bearing bracket was noticerd. The part is ordered from ACG Allendorf. Next week primer will be applicated.

Communication is via Jiri Fliger, most via mail, but in some cases via phone.


So, as I promised some week before, I'll give a short report about my experience with the paint shop in Vysoke Myto.

As painting an aircraft is a "once in a life" task for most aircraft owners, price isn't all.

So when you search for the "right" facility to do the job, start also thinking about communication and how you will be treated in case of unusal events.

LKVM the airfield is located roughly 70 nm east of Praha. There's a train station with direct connection to Praha in Chocen, a few miles from the airfield.

All communication has to go via the both persons, mentioned in the post above. As long everything was fine, the communication was good and I got regulary mails about the progress.

BUT as soon I identified a problem, the communication became difficult with delayed response. My offer to come over and talk about the issue was denied and as a result the final paint doesn't meet my expectations in many points.

Because of the complex design schema, I had ordered a computer generated paint mask for the whole aircraft. Unfortunately the stuff at Vysoke Myte seems never before had experience with paint masks or stickers.

(See picture Edge Mask edit) On one picture I've seen, that instead of a correct cut and attach of the paint mask, the sripes are no cutted out and there are a lot of wrinkles and bubbles. Immedtialy I tried to reach Mr. Fliger and Mr. Voparil, but my advice was ignored and the wish for an onsite meeting denied.

In the end the design elements deviate from the specification.

But that's not all. The plan was, to have the red colored parts painted in a pearl effect color (as specified in the order documents) Unfortunately the only thing these people know is metallic effect color (and they didn't ask if there is a difference) So the aircraft was painted in a wrong color.

Before pickup I received the invoice (what was in the range as offered before) with a specific due date (10 days after invoincing date). But when I asked for a pickup I was advised, that the payment has to be made BEFORE the pickup. So I did.

Mr. Fliger wasn't there when I took my Mooney back. There was no offer from the Aeroservice to fix the issues. Only a "sorry" for the wrong color.

During the flight back home, I figured out, that the OAT doesn't work anymore and at home I tested everything again and found also the left strobe inoperated. Also here no offer from Aeroservice how to fix the problem.

When I opened the covers to look for the root cause I found, that all covers are complete painted, including the edge around the cover. As the ground wire for the OAT sensor and the strobe power supply is connected to the cover, there was no electrical connection to the airframe. That shows me, that the Aeroservice hasn't checked it before the installation and there wasn't a final check after assembling the aircraft. (see also attached pictures.)

The fuel tank vents are closed with paint and during the warm days we had the week before, Avgas was coming out of the filler cap, already impacting the new paint.

Additional things I will check suring the next annual is landing gear rigging and weight of the aircraft (the weight report now shows the aircraft 10kg heavier than before)

My summary: it's a cheap facility, but don't expect a job worth the money. Communication becomes difficult in case of challenges. I wouldn't go there again.


Due to limited number of pictures here some additional pics.


Dear Wolfgang,

I am sorry for Your bad experience and the disappointments. But I am very greatful for your very valuable report, because it a) helps others to make the right choice to whom we give our aircrafts for service and b) a sensible and intelligent maintainance facility owner will take appropriate measures to improve his service and meet expectations. Unfortunately there are some in the market who are resistant to both advice and learning. At the end they will pay for their reluctance to improve their service by loss of customers.

I myself made this experience elsewhere and had it reported about in this forum to help others.

Again, thank You for Your dedicated and well balanced report.



Dear Wolfgang and all,

I feel sorry for your bad experience. Now, after a year I can tell the community that I am still very satisfied with the paint job done. We did not encounter any of the issues you had, just the new seals around the windows had to be reworked on our aircraft, a minor 30 minute duty. Also Roeder at Egelsbach (annual Aug.2015) was very pleased with the overall condition of the fuselage/paint. Maybe the small facility became a victim of their success, so that they could not hold up their quality, maybe our paint scheme was much easier to apply. Anyway, the real quality of a paintjob just reveals over time, most important to say that our aircraft exterior is still in an excellent shape without any signs of cracks, corrosion etc. I hope the same will apply to your aircraft. Best regards, Frank


hi there. would U mind allowing me to contact U directly? it's now some time past u had UR bird painted. my one is now due....

my email: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

i wpuld like to talk to U in person. thank U. klaus